Why Buy From Us

Hi.  My name is Alex Nesbitt and I am the founder of SpartaDog.com.  I have grown up with dogs, and I have always had a dog or two around except for my years at college and just after.

Ruby and Spartacus are our two dogs, and they deserve the very best.

SpartacusThis is Spartacus as a puppy.  Just look at those ears and tongue.  He is even better looking today.  Spartacus is a large boned German Shepherd Dog.  He is as friendly as can be and just loves playing soccer.  He chomps on one of the balls and chases down any other ball that gets kicked.  He has an incredible time playing.

SpartaDog is named after Spartacus. And we will be tailoring our product selection to fit with a dog like Spartacus. He is the big dog around here and he's part of our family. That's how we feel about dogs. They belong to us and we belong to them. And since they are under our care, only the best is good enough for our guys.

RubyRuby is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and is incredibly loyal and protective. While Spartacus is the big dog, Ruby is the Boss dog. She is loving and sweet to us, but has a fierce bark for strangers. I don't have many recent shots of Ruby as she has just had knee surgery to fix a torn ACL. Here's Ruby's puppy pic.

We've also had some other great dogs Belmont, Lincoln, Sierra, and Cosmo.

SpartaDog is for all of them. They all gave us great years of joy and happiness. We hope our products can bring you and your dog some fun and good times too.