Elevated Dog Bowls

If you love your dog, you know they need an elevated dog bowl.  Bending way down to the floor is just not good for their health.  It puts pressure on their backs, makes swallowing more difficult, and can lead to poor quality digestion.

When you see your dog eating from an elevated dog feeder, you will see that he eats more slowly.  You will notice that he or she is not gulping down the food and water like they did before you got them a raised dog bowl.

When you dog eats more slowly there are numerous benefits for both your dog and for you.  The slower eating reduces the risk of dog bloat, twisting of the stomach and mega-esophagus (the food gets stuck in the esophagus).

You will also notice that there is less mess. This is especially true for water.  When Spartacus drinks out of a bowl on the ground it goes everywhere.  When he uses an elevated dog bowl for his water, there is much less mess.

Imagine how much better you and your dog will be when you invest in a raised bowl and your dog loves you for it.

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