Collapsible Travel Food & Water Bowl

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Brand: SpartaDog
Category: Feeding and Watering
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Give your dog water any time, any where.

Any time a pet owner travels with their dog on a trip for over an hour they should carry extra water. A dog will get excited or nervous when on a car trip, or hot when playing at the park, and making sure they are suitably hydrated is an important safety and health issue. Dogs need a lot of drinking water at hand because just like people they need a lot of fluids. Heat stroke is common in dogs, particularly if they are outdoors in the sun, riding in a hot car or getting a lot of exercise at the park. Portable dog water bowls make it easy for a pet owner to provide water for their animals.

These bowls can be designed in collapsible models for easy storage, water proof cloth designs which fold to compact items so they are small and don't take up as much space as a large water bowl would. There are also spill proof and slip resistant designs for when you need to give your dog a drink wile on the road. These can help stop liquid spills in the back of a car or SUV cargo area. Keep your dog healthy and safe by bringing along a drink for your pet when you travel. Dog travel water bowls make this easy for you.


  • made of durable fabric and can be fold
  • waterproof interior to hold liquids and nylon outer-lining
  • perfect for travelling and outings
  • has clip/keyring designed to be hooked to a backpack
  • dimension: opened, approx. D16 x H9cm
  • dimension: folded approx. L19.6 x W7.7 x 3.3cm(thickness),
  • weight: 76g