Bowserwear Urban Walkers Paw Boots

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Urban Walkers are designed for everyday paw protection.
This boot was designed by a former Nike Shoe designer and tested by the National Guide Dogs for the blind. It has a stronger, non-skid sole (as compared to our Healers bootie) and the upper is a shoe mesh so it dries quickly. Even though the sole is thicker it is still flexible providing your pet a natural feel and movement as they walk or run. The wrap around design enables a great fit so the boot stays on. The hook and loop applied is high tensile strength hook that creates a firm hold even in snowy conditions. All Bowserwear products are produced in Portland, Oregon with the highest quality material. No other boot on the market compares.

Urban Walkers was created to protect your pet from everyday paw injuries. An ounce of prevention can go a long way to save your pet form injury. They are great for hardwood floors, boating, hunting, and outdoor terrains. A Healthy Paw Pad is essential to a dog's well being. They serve as a shock absorber, provide surface traction and insulate the dog from extreme hot and cold temperatures. Even though these pads are tough, they can still be injured.


  • Patent pending gripper lining mesh and high tensile strength Velcro for secure fit, holds boot in place and prevents twisting.
  • Breathable fabric-dries quickly and allows airflow to prevent odor and bacteria build up
  • Lightweight material that allows the pet's natural motion and feel
  • Wide strap which spreads tension so blood flow in not restricted, reducing the risk of injury
  • Non skid sole for better traction on slippery surfaces and outdoor terrain
  • Machine washable
  • People and pet approved - designed for and tested by the National guide Dogs for the blind.
  • Boots sold in pairs for varying sizes of front and back paws.
  • Boots designed by a top Portland, Oregon Shoe designer

    Size Chart:
  • Extra Small (Toys, Maltese): 1.8" paws, 0-30 lbs.
  • Small (Pugs, Terriers): 2.125" paws, 30 - 50 lbs.
  • Medium/Small (Greyhounds, Poodles): 2.375" paws, 40 - 80 lbs.
  • Medium (Hounds, Labs, Spaniels): 2.625" paws, 50 - 90 lbs.
  • Large/Medium (Shepherds): 2.875" paws, 65 - 100 lbs.
  • Large (Retrievers): 3.125" paws, 95 - 125 lbs.
  • Extra Large (Mastiffs, St. Bernards): 3.875" paws, 125+ lbs.

    Depending on Breed, the back paws maybe one size smaller than front paws.

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