Bowserwear Healers Booties Box Set

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Brand: Bowserwear
Category: Wellness
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Healers Pet Medical Dog Boots are designed as a medical aid for your pets allergy and injured stricken paws.
It enables an owner to easily put the dog bootie on and off the sore or injured paw. The Healers custom non-adherent, triple layer gauze inserts fits the interior of the dog bootie and acts as a bandage to absorb moisture and allows owner to apply medicine if needed. Adhesive backing on the gauze pads keep the gauze in place. Healers are made with a breathable, moisture wicking, lightweight stretchable material that encourages faster healing time.


  • 2 boots
  • 2 gauze pads

    Size Chart by Boot Width:
  • ExtraSmall: 1.625" (Toys, Terriers)
  • Small: 2.125" (Pugs, Pit Bulls)
  • Medium: 2.625" (Labs, Hounds, Spaniels)
  • Large: 3.125" (German Shepherds)
  • Extra Large: 3.875" (Mastiff, St. Bernard)

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