AKOMA Dog Products Hound Warmer 12 volt 22" x 11" x 2"

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This waterproof heating pad is awesome for overnight stays at hotels, traveling on those cold fall/winter days, cold duck boat and even doubles as a car seat heater!!
Big enough for any size dog but small enough to allow them to move off it in most travel kennels. Because it only draws 15 watts of power, you can safely use it all night long. Once plugged in, it quickly reaches 105-108 degrees F and continues to maintain that temperature. Wall plug not included.


  • Folds out to an 11" x 22" pad with 14 ft. heavy duty cord.
  • 14 ft. fused power point or cigarette plug end--can reach to the back of any size vehicle
  • Has 2 separate heating pads to allow the unit to be folded and "Velcro" shut for easy storage
  • Used by the US Marines in their survival packs
  • Draws approximately 22 watts.
  • Cover is made from a dense polyester so it can be wiped off--padded on one side for comfort
  • Heating pads are sealed in a tough flexible urethane so water cannot affect the components
  • Can be covered by a mat without affecting its performance.

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